Revival of The Golden Remedy

The earliset records of utilization of the mineral Gold for therapeutic and recuperating purposes, originate from Alexandria, Egypt. More than 5,000 years back, the Egyptians ingested gold for mental, physical and spiritual cleansing. The people of yore trusted that by ingesting gold, the body worked by animating the existing power and raising the vibrations on all dimensions. The chemists of Alexandria created an elixer made of liquid gold. They trusted that gold was an otherworldly metal that spoke to the flawlessness of issue, and that its essence in the body would charge, revive, and fix a huge number of maladies and also reestablish youth and impeccable wellbeing.

Ancient civilizations utilized gold in dentistry. Wonderful instances of its initial use have been found by current archeologists. Still in support today as a perfect material for dental work, roughly 13 tons of gold are utilized every year for crowns and dentures. Gold is idealfor these reasons since it is non toxic and can be molded effectively, and never wears, consumes or discolors.

In medieval Europe, gold-covered pills and “gold waters” were amazingly well known. chemists blended powdered gold into beverages to “comfort sore appendages,” which is one of the earliest references to joint pain and inflammation. Amid the Renaissance, Paracelsus (1493-1541) who is viewed as the organizer of current pharmacology, created numerous effective meds from metallic minerals including gold. Reknown expert, he established the school of Iatrochemistry, the science of medication, which is the herald of pharmacology.

A review of the historical literature shows gold in use during the 19th century for conditions including depression, epilepsy, migraine, and glandular problems including amenorrhea and impotence.

keeley-ad (1)

The most notable use of gold was in a treatment for alcoholism developed by Leslie E. Keeley, M.D. Keeley’s great discovery was that the chloride of gold and sodium (prepared by mixing gold chloride and sodium chloride) was an effective treatment for addictions, including morphine/opium and cocaine addiction as well as alcoholism. There was a cure for drug and alcohol addiction prior to the Great Depression and Prohibition years. It was a homeopathic treatment that had a documented 94% success in removing the cravings for drugs and alcohol. The dynamics of allopathy under the influence of John D. Rockefeller created an organization that would reject natural remedies that up till now is a 76 year old paradigm of thought that has stunned the world into submission. This compound may be known as Schussler’s missing cell salt, “cell salts”, also known as biochemic tissue salts, are well established in the natural healing modalities as minerals comprised of twelve basic elements. The list includes magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, silicon, and chlorine oxidized in the form of mineral salts.

Historically, however, gold had a reputation as a “nervine,” a therapy for nervous disorders, we would call neurological and psychiatric disorders such as epilepsy and depression. In July of 1935, Clinical, Prescription and Medical procedure had an article entitled “Colloidal Gold in Inoperable Malignant growth” composed by Edward H. Ochsner, M.D. ,which expressed, “When the condition is sad, Colloidal Gold draws out life and makes life significantly more endurable, both to the patient and to those around them. It enormously decreases agony and inconvenience and the need of sedatives (opiates) in a lion’s share of occasions.”

During the 1900s, specialists would regularly embed a small gold piece under the skin close to an inflamed joint, knee or elbow. In the Unified States, since 1885, gold had been known for its mending abilities for the heart and enhanced blood flow. By the end of the 19th century, and in the first half of the 20th century, gold is listed as a treatment for nervous disorders in sources ranging from medical texts to the first Merck manual.

Europeans have known for quite some time about the advantages of gold and have been purchasing gold supplements and ‘gold water’ over the counter for well more than 100 years. Today In China, the helpful properties of gold are still practiced and respected in small provincial towns, where workers cook their rice with a gold coin to add and recharge the gold mineral benefits in their bodies.

Back to basics…

When pure gold is put through a process called electrolysis, the gold particles become nanoparticles and the nanoparticles are for all time suspended in triple distilled water, the gold mineral winds up known as colloidal gold and shows new properties because of the transdermal effects crossing blood-brain barrier, it remains at a consistent level of release in all the body. Gold is a mineral that is non toxic and shows no interference with different medications, and is effortlessly endured by the body. It actually helps the body detox harmful medications.

Today, restorative treatments with gold have increased exceedingly. It is utilized in medical procedures to fix harmed and damaged veins, nerves, bones, and tissue. It is additionally utilized in the treatment of a few types of mutated cells. Collodial gold or isertion of minuscule gold pellets helps impede prostate disease in men. Women with ovarian malignant growth are treated with colloidal gold, and gold vapor lasers, removing mutated cells without hurting healthy cells. Consistently, specialists utilize gold instruments to clear coronary veins and gold covered lasers give new life to patients with once inoperable heart conditions and tumors. Gold has turned into an essential biomedical device. Gold has been known down through the ages to directly affects the heart and enhances blood flow. It is helpful for reviving drowsy organs, particularly the cerebrum and stomach. The awesome healing and recuperating properties of gold are gradually yet most likely being rediscovered, as present day researchers and doctors reveal what the people of yore appear to have known along the way that gold is truly a priceless supplement to add to your life.

The use of colloidal gold in the treatment of addictions is by no means new as it goes centuries back in medical records. How can colloidal gold help one face some form of dependency? By the administration of colloidal gold, the system receives double help: one for the physiological damage of addiction and the other one for its psychological demise. It is superior from all points of view to any addictive drug or addictive pattern, hence their coexistence in the body is not possible and the toxins are slowly purged out. In the past, people use to explain the inhibition of addiction by the difference in vibration between colloidal gold and the drugs, alcohol, nicotine or food triggers. Colloidal gold aids in people struggling with substance abuse, with the withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, racing thoughts, insommia, sweating, flashes, chills and muscular pain.

The main action of this homeopathic remedy is it works on the level of the nervous system where it actually inhibits the receptors of the addictive substance. Having a soothing effect at the brain level, colloidal gold also serves well to reduce anxiety and behavior changes associated with addiction. Colloidal Gold has a grounding yet uplifting effects while adjusting the body on all levels. It is utilized to enhance mental frame of mind and relaxed state. It has been accounted for promoting a feeling of increased joy, acceptance, mental focus and lessened anxiety. Colloidal gold is thought to fortify mental capacity by expanding the conductivity between nerve endings in the body and on the surface of the mind. According to Neurogenetics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, the human body has 95 to 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. The brain alone has at least 85 billion of these cells, although estimates go as high as 1 trillion.

It increases willpower bringing a boost of positive energy and optimism that counteracts and neutralizes the negative feelings and of the addictive substance. Used during rehabilitation programs, it has no interference with other prescribed medicines; on the contrary it supports the psychological efforts of withdrawal. Another form of dependency against which colloidal gold proved to be successful is food addiction. Colloidal gold is a balance element, helping one to get on the right track. Results are surprisingly quick to appear since colloidal gold is quickly absorbed in the blood flow, triggering an overall positive body reaction.

A study in Brazil, found that individualized homeopathy is as effective and is safer than Prozac in the treatment of acute depression.




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Shilajit- conquistatore di montagne distruttore di debolezza

Lo Shilajit, chiamato anche il pece minerale, è il risultato di un lungo processo di abbattimento della materia vegetale e dei minerali. È una sostanza appiccicosa, nera, simile al catrame che proviene dalle rocce delle alte catene montuose dalle montagne Himalaya in Tibet. Shilajit è un super-alimento ricco di minerali, contenente aminoacidi, vitamine, oligoelementi e oltre 85 minerali in forma ionica naturale. I minerali ionici sono più facilmente trasportati e assorbiti nel tratto digestivo perché sono “caricati” e richiedono meno energia per il loro immediato esaurimento e utilizzo.

Gli acidi fulvici sono anche la fonte più ricca di elettroliti, aiutano a chelare i minerali metallici e li trasmutano in forme biodisponibili, aiutano con il trasporto e l’assorbimento di vitamine e minerali, catalizzano l’attività enzimatica e aiutano drammaticamente a neutralizzare le sostanze radioattive all’interno del corpo e a catalizzare la rottura ed eliminazione di diserbanti e pesticidi.

Il contenuto di minerali in Shilajit si trova principalmente in due costituenti vegetali chiamati acidi umici e fulvici. Questi due ingredienti sono naturalmente presenti nel terreno che non è stato sovraccaricato di sostanze nutritive a causa della sovra-coltura del suolo. I testi antichi si riferiscono allo shilajit come “l’elisir della vita sempreverde“.

Nel tradizionale sistema di medicina indiano, l’Ayurveda, lo Shilajit è considerato un’erba Rasayana (ringiovanimento), nonché un adattogeno o un’erba naturale che aumenta la naturale resistenza del corpo allo stress.


shilajit rock

È ancora tradizionalmente usato oggi nella medicina ayurvedica come un potente super cibo ricco di antiossidanti per le sue qualità disintossicanti, rinforzanti e rivitalizzanti. Sebbene non sia tecnicamente una “erba”, è classificata tra le migliori erbe ayurvediche come “rasayana” o tonico anti-stress regolante immunitario. Viene anche chiamato “yoga vahi”, che si riferisce alla sua capacità di migliorare gli effetti delle altre erbe usate con esso nei trattamenti terapeutici (sinergico).

È quindi comunemente preparato con altri tonici come Shatavari, Mucuna, Amla berry, Ashwagandha e molti altri. Conosciamo due traduzioni sanscrite della parola che significa “roccia invincibile” e “conquistatore di montagne e distruttore di debolezza”, entrambe le quali indicano ulteriormente le influenze positive per la salute a lungo termine.

La capacità dell’acido fulvico di trasformare minerali inorganici inutilizzabili in minerali organici utilizzabili è il bellissimo processo alchemico della natura che opera all’interno della matrice di questa meravigliosa e mistica molecola. A causa della sua capacità di disintossicare e ripristinare l’equilibrio elettrochimico, il corpo di una persona è in uno stato migliore da assorbire e utilizzare energia prana / energia cosmica / sorgente. Il corpo fisico diventa una lavagna più pulita e più energica affinché l’energia spirituale fluisca attraverso di noi. Shilajit contiene una media di acido fulvico del 40-60% e può essere un ottimo modo per ricostituire la carenza di minerali.
L’acido fulvico e altri acidi umici contengono una quantità di sostanze nutritive che migliorano la salute dell’intestino, tra cui: tracce di minerali, elettroliti, acidi grassi, silice (che stimola la sintesi del collagene).
È un prebiotico. Un prebiotico è una fibra vegetale specializzata che nutre beneficamente i batteri buoni già nell’intestino crasso o nei due punti. Mentre i probiotici introducono buoni batteri nell’intestino, i prebiotici fungono da fertilizzante per i batteri buoni che sono già presenti. Aiutano i batteri buoni a crescere, migliorando il rapporto tra batteri buoni e cattivi. Questo rapporto ha dimostrato di avere una correlazione diretta con la salute e il benessere generale, dallo stomaco al cervello.


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L’alberi del Sangue di Drago

Ci sono diversi tipi di alberi di Sangue di Draghi, ovvero, “Dragons Blood”
Fino ad oggi esiste un grande grado di confusione riguardo alla fonte e all’identità dell’albero sangue di drago e ai suoi usi.
Sia Croton lechieri che Dracaena cinnabari sono ancora spesso commercializzati oggi come “Dragon’s Blood”, con poca o nessuna differenza tra le due fonti arboree.
Il sangue dei draghi più comunemente usato sono Dracaena Cinnabari e Croton Lechleri.

Dracaena cinnabari

L’albero Sangue di Drago (Dracaena cinnabari) oppure chiamata ‘Albero di Socotra’ è originaria dell’arcipelago di Socotra nell’Oceano Indiano.Il tronco o ramo dell’albero Sangue di Drago è tagliato o sfregiato e produce una linfa rossa che ricorda il sangue.
Nei testi antichi, il Sangue di Drago (Dracaena cinnabari) era usato come inchiostro e una varietà di altri usi come pigmento per la tintura, la gioielleria, la ceramica, la vernice, olio frangrante, l’incenso e le pratiche spirituali. I viaggiatori delle Canarie nel XV secolo ottennero il Sangue del Drago come gocce di granato rosso secco (resina) di Dracaena Cinnabari, quest’albero è originario delle isole Canarie, del Marocco e del bacino del Mediterraneo.


La linfa viene quindi trasformata in una resina che si ritiene sia in grado di sfruttare le alte frequenze e i poteri mistici. Questa resina è stata scambiata nell’antica Europa attraverso la strada dell’incenso.
Secondo la leggenda, gli alberi Dragon Blood dell’isola di Socotra sono cresciuti dal sangue di un drago ferito in un combattimento. Mentre il drago prendeva il volo tentando di volare in salvo, il suo sangue si diffuse in tutta l’isola. I draghi sono stati una parte della mitologia e della leggenda per migliaia di anni. Nella mitologia di varie parti del mondo rappresentano la potenza, la saggezza e la forza celesti e terrestri. I draghi sono creature mistiche e maestose che sono molto sicure, appassionate e potenti.20180822_2202091486033252.jpg
Il profumo di questo olio incantato è squisito, esotico e misterioso. Floreale ma potente. È una fragranza terrosa e sicura che incarna la personalità di una creatura mitica e la bellezza di un albero unico e senza tempo. Un po ‘di sangue di drago ha una lunga strada! È usato localmente come olio o olio di profumo. Le proprietà magiche del Sangue di Drago sono: aumento della potenza, aumento delle frequenze, purificazione, protezione, forza personale, prosperità. Consigliato anche per aumentare altre miscele di incenso.

Se hai acquistato uno qualsiasi dei nostri prodotti, hai sicuramente provato la fragranza paradisiaca di questo olio emanato dal tuo pacco!

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Croton lechleri

Questo albero cresce nella foresta pluviale amazzonica, la linfa dell’albero del lattice viene raccolta. Croton Lechleri, detto anche Sangre de Drago (il nome può essere letteralmente tradotto come “sangue del drago” e anche il più familiare “sangue di drago”) è un sangue di draghi diverso. La linfa di lattice rossa dell’albero di Croton Lechleri ha proprietà cicatrizzanti e antiossidanti ed è stata usata per secoli da popolazioni native. Utilizzato esternamente, il sangue dei draghi (Croton Lechleri) è rinomato per il suo uso sulla pelle e viene comunemente definito benda liquida. Le gocce vengono applicate secondo necessità per coprire l’area interessata e lasciate asciugare con o senza una benda fisica. Questo genere di albero del sangue dei draghi (Croton Lechleri) è stato utilizzato da secoli dai guaritori indigeni dell’Amazzonia per usi medicinali interni.

La linfa è una fonte ricca e complessa di sostanze fitochimiche tra cui alcaloidi e procianidine (tannini condensati). Internamente, è un rimedio importante per problemi gastro-intestinali e altro:

  • Rigenerazione della pelle

  • Salute respiratoria

  • Supporta il rivestimento del tubo digerente

  • Riduce l’infiammazione

  • Aiuta a guarire tutti i tipi di cicatrici, anche l’acne

  • Aiuta le gengive e la salute orale.

  • Lifting anti età / viso naturale


Segui il link qui per Sangue di Drago (Croton Lechleri)


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Kalawalla or Polypodium leucotomos

Kalawalla or Polypodium leucotomos, is a fern plant native to Honduras. It grows exclusively in Honduran jungles on the palms in symbiosis. Through special techniques, Organic Hope has been able to cultivate it and grow it under specially controlled conditions. The leaves in the wild can grow up to three feet in length.

The ancient Maya used the Polypodium leucotomos (Kalawalla) as part of their daily diet in the form of tea as a blood purifier. They have attributed healing properties to the drink and until today the drink is still popular in the Honduran tradition.

Kalawalla helps to balance your immune system. A true solution to autoimmune disorders is to modulate (not suppress) the activity of T-cell relationships to normal balance without side effects. Immune modulation has the advantage that, in contrast to immune suppression, very few side effects can be observed from regulating the immune system to normal.

It also offers the advantage over symptomatic drugs because the symptoms reverse themselves after the immune system has reached the right balance, and this is done by treating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.
Immune System Balancer (Modulator)

Blood purifier.

Protects brain cells (Neuroprottetivo)

Protects skin cells

Reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory)

Relieves the symptoms of desquamation, accumulation of scratch, irritation, redness, itching, reduces mucus.

It protects cells and prevents damage to DNA and fights free radicals.
Powerful antioxidant effects.

Regular help CD4 / CD8 ratio normal values Helps preserve myelin sheath function

Promotes skin defenses against harmful UV rays

It increases the excessive growth of the skin cells and the thickening of the skin

Protective effects of the peptide against sun-induced skin damage.


Kalawalla has many clinical studies with MS, lupus, psoriasis, vitiligo and other autoimmune disorders, showing a high degree of success and very few side effects. It even has an OTC status in the European Union, which means that doctors actually prescribe Kalawalla for these disorders. We also know exactly how Kalawalla works because of Harvard Medical School Trials that explains how Kalawalla modulates T cells and its usefulness in auto-aggressive and inflammatory conditions.
Kalawalla has many clinical studies and has been shown to balance your immune system. A true solution to autoimmune disorders is to modulate (not suppress) the immune system. It also offers the advantage over symptomatic drugs because the symptoms reverse themselves after the immune system has reached the right balance, and this is done by treating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

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Sacred Frankincense

Did you know that the Boswellia sacra trees have been harvested for the past 5,000 years? Frankincense Oil is extracted from the gum or resin from Frankincense or Bosewellia sacra tree. It has even been found in the remains of ancient Egyptian and Anglo-Saxon civilizations.
Frankincense is native to North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and has been cultivated and traded for at least 5000 years. It is mentioned several times in the Jewish Talmud and the Christian Bible as it was used in some of their sacred rituals and still is in some Orthodox traditions. Frankincense was also used ceremonially as an incense and/or offering by ancient Pagans in Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.
The trees start producing resin when they are about 8 to 10 years old.
The resin is extracted by making a small, shallow incision on the trunk or branches of the tree or by removing a portion of the crust of it. The resin is drained as a milky substance that coagulates in contact with air and is collected by hand.


It can be used in tonics to ensure good digestion and clear skin. Frankincense used internally should be clear and free of dark impurities.
Research trials are proving it’s a vital treatment for:
Brain, Breast, Colon, Pancreas, Prostate and Stomach cancer.
Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) inhibits the faulty signaling and cell cycle regulation that is thought to cause the development of cancer in the first place. It causes cancer cell death without harming healthy cells. Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell’s nucleus becomes corrupted. It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be.


According to researchers out of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, the potential cancer-killing effects of frankincense are due in part to its ability to influence your genes to promote healing. Baylor cancer scientists emphasize that this potency makes Boswellia sacra a viable candidate for both cancer prevention and treatment.

Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs/roots/resins/fungi, extracted with organic grain clear alcohol, which is the most effective way to get the beneficial properties of medicinal herbs into your bloodstream, via sublingually or topically.

Our Boswellia sacra tincture 50 ml, is created with pure Frankincense resin and is extracted from the tree resin in organic grain vodka. content: 50 ml All of our herbal extracts and tinctures are handcrafted using time honored methods.

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Astro Herbalism

Most of us know what are our zodiac sign is, some of us know what our birth stone is, but have you ever wondered what herbs or roots would benefit you best according to your zodiac sign?
Each of the twelve zodiac signs can benefit from the properties of certain natural herbs and roots, which help heal, soothe, repair, inspire and create balance within us.

medical astrology

From the north to the south and the east to the west, the link between the cosmos and herbs goes back to the beginning of time. The integration of Astrology and herbalism has been a common practice for thousands of years in India, Tibet and in the Western Medical Esoteric and magical traditions. It was a standard practice in the Renaissance era for all physicians and herbalists to have knowledge of the stars and planets to effectively practice their healing arts.

Also known as Medical Astrology, it can fundamentally enhance our practice of Holistic Herbalism. The use of medicinal herbs is as old as Astrology itself.


It is the branch of holistic medicine that deals with healing of ailments by astrological measures. This is basically a fusion of Ayurveda/TCM and Astrology. As a fundamental principle Ayurveda or TCM, it was presumed that the planets, stars and other celestial bodies have specific effects on the human body and hence can influence health & disease. Whatever elements sustain the universe, also exist in the human body and vice versa. Whatever shifts in the universe is likely to affect the human body either positively or negatively. The positive effects of stars and planets bring well-being and prosperity while their negative effects cause malady and stagnation. If the cosmos can negatively affect our health to cause illness, then there must be a remedy for sustaining our health from these deficiencies. This idea made the medical practitioners of Astromedicine aspire to new frontiers in healing.

Inside the tomb of the pharaoh Ramses was found a celestial chart showing the astral influences on all the organs of the human body.

Most herbalists in ancient times were also astrologers and they gained insight into the secrets of herbalism by reviewing the different planetary positions. This practice reached its apex in Europe in the late medieval era (1450+ AD) and early modern periods (1700 AD). This was the era of the Europeans “wake-up” call to expand and create. During this period, (Early Modern era) medical practitioners regarded the different signs of the zodiac and planets as having influence over different parts of the body, as controlling different ailments and as affecting the benefits and advantages of the plant kingdom.

The consciousness that human health is in some way linked to the stars, is found in many remote societies. The Babylonians and Ancient Egyptians were famous for


their astronomical knowledge and used it to predict and diagnose disease and influenced some Greek and Roman healers from 100 BCE onwards.

Galen of Pergamum preferred a celestial explanation for illness, but his discussion of critical days allowed his successors in Late Antiquity to include the influence of the stars in their calculations. Astromedicine was developed by the Arabs and taken over in the learned medicine of Western Europe from 1200 CE. Objections were raised in the Renaissance era and by 1600, medical astrology had fallen out of praxis among the “elite physicians”. The patrons, however, still flocked to medical astrologers. Arabic astromedicine also spread eastwards to India and Tibet, although Chinese astromedicine developed differently. From Egypt and Babylonia predicting diseases by the stars entered Greek medicine around 250 BCE.20180206_234801

Astromedicine achieved virtue and respectability in Late Antiquity and was further advanced in the Islamic world. From the Islamic world Astromedicine passed to Western Europe as part of the new University of Medical Education. In the Renaissance era, some doctors strongly attacked Astromedicine, which by 1650 was seen as a questionable practice, even if many patients believed in it. Indian and particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine included Astromedicine as a significant part of their ongoing medical traditions.


Astro Herbalism influences affect your health through your physiology, psychology, emotions and they impact your specific constitution. The ability to find your unique predispositions for organ weaknesses, potentials for illness and how to effectively use herbs as a preventative measure to stay vital and healthy.

Astro Herbalism Holotropic Herbs

Using these synergistic herbs are particularly beneficial, as herbs are able to touch us on an energetic level as well as a physical level to clear out psychic debris and increase oxygen and detoxification.

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