The magical rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho belongs to the Brassicaceae family and is the only existing species of the genus Anastatica. In other countries, the Rose of Jericho is also known by the name of Fatima, Rose of the desert, the plant of the resurrection. The Rose of Jericho is a truly magical plant, so much soContinue reading “The magical rose of Jericho”

La rosa magica di Gerico

La rosa di Gerico appartiene alla famiglia delle Brassicacee e rappresenta l’unica specie esistente del genere Anastatica. In altri Paesi, ovvero nella traduzione di altre lingue, la rosa di Gerico è conosciuta anche con il nome rosa di Fatima, Rosa del deserto, pianta della resurrezione. La rosa di Gerico è una pianta davvero magica, talmenteContinue reading “La rosa magica di Gerico”

Serrapeptase, “The Dissolver”

Serrapeptase has a long history in medicine and is widely used to combat various kinds of inflammation and inflammatory disorder. Serratiopeptidase or serrapeptase is a protein (proteolytic) enzyme isolated from the non-pathogenic enterobacteria Serratia E15 found in silkworms.

L’alberi del Sangue di Drago

Ci sono diversi tipi di alberi di Sangue di Draghi, ovvero, “Dragons Blood” Fino ad oggi esiste un grande grado di confusione riguardo alla fonte e all’identità dell’albero sangue di drago e ai suoi usi. Sia Croton lechieri che Dracaena cinnabari sono ancora spesso commercializzati oggi come “Dragon’s Blood”, con poca o nessuna differenza traContinue reading “L’alberi del Sangue di Drago”

Kalawalla or Polypodium leucotomos

Kalawalla or Polypodium leucotomos, is a fern plant native to Honduras. It grows exclusively in Honduran jungles on the palms in symbiosis. Through special techniques, Organic Hope has been able to cultivate it and grow it under specially controlled conditions. The leaves in the wild can grow up to three feet in length. The ancientContinue reading “Kalawalla or Polypodium leucotomos”

BLUSHWOOD BERRY hylandia dockrilli

  Hylandia dockdrilli, commonly known as Blushwood berry, grows in a small area of the Australian rainforest. Scientists have identified that the Blushwood berry has exceptional properties and its main component, EBC-46, may have priority in repairing the immune system and mutated cells, via holistic treatment. In recent years, the chemicals contained in the seed ofContinue reading “BLUSHWOOD BERRY hylandia dockrilli”