BLUSHWOOD BERRY hylandia dockrilli


Hylandia dockdrilli, commonly known as Blushwood berry, grows in a small area of the Australian rainforest. Scientists have identified that the Blushwood berry has exceptional properties and its main component, EBC-46, may have priority in repairing the immune system and mutated cells, via holistic treatment.cymera_20181113_202141776208.jpg

In recent years, the chemicals contained in the seed of the Blushwood fruit have been heavily researched. While research with animals and humans have yielded very impressive results, there is still a little way to go before more commercial products are offered widely. As a result, the naturally occurring Blushwood tree has seen an increase in demand from Australian locals and farmers who wish to grow and harvest the plant in anticipation of its increased commercial demand in the near future.

The EBC-46 compound in the fruit of the tree, appears to exhibit anti-proliferative activity and shows apoptosis, which is a controlled form of cell demolition or programmed cell death. EBC-46 is a regulator of protein kinase C that causes a local inflammatory reaction that recruits the body’s neutrophils (white blood cells) to attack the tumor. It shows to start apoptosis of mutated cells.

While the holistic treatment of degenerative diseases with combinations of herbs is highly beneficial, our daily diet is highly essential. An abundant amount of fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetable juice should be consumed every day. In this way, the body is equipped with a super dose of enzymes, minerals and nutrients.

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This product contains Blushwood seed extract.

Blushwood berry tincture

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