There are several types of Dragons blood trees.
A great degree of confusion exists till today in regards to the source and identity of dragon’s blood and its uses.
Both Croton lechieri and Dracaena cinnabari are still often marketed today as “Dragon’s Blood”, with little or no distinction being made between the two tree sources.
The most commonly used Dragons blood are: Dracaena Cinnabari and Croton Lechieri. (Socotra tree) or Dragon Tree, is native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The Dragons Blood tree trunk or branch is cut or scarred which produces red sap that resembles blood.
In ancient texts, Dragon’s Blood (Dracaena cinnabari) was used as ink as well as a variety of other uses as pigment for dye, jewelry, pottery, varnish, incense and spiritual practices. Voyagers to the Canary Islands in the 15th century obtained dragon’s blood as dried garnet-red drops (resin) from Dracaena Cinnabari (aka Dracaena draco), this tree is native to the Canary Islands, Morocco and the Mediterranean Basin.

The sap is then processed into a resin that was believed to harness high frequencies and mystical powers. This resin was traded to ancient Europe via the incense road.
According to legend, the Dragon Blood trees from the island of Socotra have grown out from the blood of a dragon which was injured in a fight. As the dragon took to the skies tempting to fly to safety, his blood spread all over the island. Dragons have been a part of mythology and legend for thousands of years. In the mythology of various parts of the world they represent celestial and terrestrial power, wisdom and strength. Dragons are mystical, majestic creatures that are very confident, passionate and powerful.

The scent of this enchanted oil is exquisite, exotic and mysterious. Floral yet powerful. It’s an earthy and confident fragrance that embodies the personality of a mythical creature and the beauty of a timeless unique tree. A little Dragon’s Blood goes a long way! It is used topically as an oil or perfume oil. Dragon’s Blood magical properties are: increased power, elevating frequencies, purifying, protection, personal strength, prosperity. Also recommended to boost other incense blends.

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Croton lechleri

Croton lechleri

This tree grows in the Amazon Rain forest, the latex tree sap is harvested. Croton Lechieri, also called Sangre de Drago (the name may be literally translated as “blood of the dragon” as well as the more familiar “dragon’s blood.”) is a different dragons blood. The red latex sap of the Croton Lechieri tree has wound-healing and antioxidant properties, and has been used for centuries by native people. Used externally, Dragons blood ( Croton Lechieri) is renowned for its use on skin and is commonly referred to as a liquid bandage. Drops are applied as needed to cover the affected area and allowed to dry with or without a physical bandage. This genus of dragons blood tree ( Croton Lechieri) has also been used by indigenous healers of the Amazon for centuries for internal medicinal uses.

The sap is a rich, complex source of phytochemicals including alkaloids and procyanidins (condensed tannins). Internally, it is an important remedy for gastro-intestinal issues.

Skin regeneration
Respiratory health
supports lining in the digestive tract
Reduces inflammation
Helps heal all types of scars, even acne
Helps gums and oral health.
Anti aging/natural face lift.

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